And the winner is … (drum roll)

We have now collected back in all our she’s not pedalling sweep stake forms and can announce that the winner is Richard Doyle, a parent from Hampshire County Youth Band.  Thank you for donating to our charity Richard and  congratulations on picking the winning number  – 42!

Day 21 -stats

Miles cycled – 17.2

Metres climbed – 396

Nicky’s rear end pain score – 3, Gary’s rear end pain score – 6

Sense of achievement – huge

Would we do it again – no, but only because we think this is a once in a life time adventure, we would do something else and we would highly recommend anyone considering a JOGLE or LEJOG to go ahead and do it – it certainly is a challenge but absolutely worth the effort

We will post the final number of she’s not pedallings and the sweep stake winner in a couple of days time



Day 21 – Marazion to Lands End

We’ve arrived, we have completed our JOGLE. We enjoyed our last days ride – as our friend Andy said “the Newlyn hills don’t count as they are near the end” (still steep though). The last few miles felt quite strange as the road  signs counted down the final miles to pedal (though 4 miles to go appears several times to tease the approaching end to ender) – a mixture of excitement and relief and ….? Waves and encouragement from passing cars helped us to speed along the lanes. It was lovely that our friends Mark, Pat, Ryan and Mike came to welcome us to Lands End, Mike even pedalled a few miles.

Once at Lands End we took lots of photos, paid to pose with the sign post and have an official photo taken, went to the hotel to get our journey record sheet stamped (so we can join the End to Enders Association) and signed the official End to Enders record book, these are apparently kept as a record by the association. It felt a little like posing for wedding day photos but with less make up and more sweat and lycra.

Next came a cream tea to celebrate and buying a fridge magnet!

We cannot finish our blog today without saying a huge thank you to Colin who has supported us so well in so many ways for the last three weeks – we thank him for his kindness, patience, generosity, thoughtfulness and calmness in the face of adversity (and everything else) – we would have struggled to make this journey without him. He should seriously consider going into the mobile cafe industry!

Thank you to everyone else who has supported us as well – in particular the Smilers.

We hope you have enjoyed following our journey – don’t forget that our purpose is to raise money for the Neonatal Intensive Care Baby Unit in Southampton – links to our Justgiving page can be found on the about page of this blog. 😀

Will post the pictures of us at Lands End later today when we have a better signal

Day 20 – Camelford to Marazion

All the people we know/ have met who have done the “end to end” say that Devon and Cornwall are the hardest bits and they are so right! Yesterday was a day of extremes and by far the hardest day of our journey so far – it certainly tested our resolve in so many ways, we faced:

  • extreme weather – the gales raged all day – and yes I do mean raged! At times it was like pushing against a wall and at others it was difficult to stay upright. With the gales came deluges of fierce drenching rain.
  • extreme frustration – we got seriously lost twice mainly because our electronic navigation (Garmin and iPhones) frequently couldn’t find a signal or the weather was so extreme we couldn’t read their screens. It took us an hour to do the first 12 miles – after 3 and a half hours we had only done 14 miles
  • extreme bravery/ stupidity – at 26 miles we found ourselves next to the A3o at 6 pm (8 and a half hours into our ride) – at that point it felt like our only option for making forward progress so we braved the terrors of that road
  • extreme tiredness – we spent 11 and a half hours cycling yesterday, during that time we stopped for 2 ten minute breaks and a couple of loo stops. We were simply too tired to write the blog last night.
  • extreme support – Colin has been an absolute brick for this whole journey but never more so than yesterday, he spend the whole day trying to find us and encourage us and once we made the decision to ride the A30 he “lay by hopped” along it watching us pass and then driving onto the next one so we always had the option to stop
  • extreme emotions – a day of being so scared and tired yet so determined not to give up – we had the biggest hug when we finally climbed off the bike. Mark Pat and Ryan and another friend from home Mike appeared in a A30 lay by – seeing them really gave us a lift when we were flagging
  • extreme pain – everything hurts – knees, ankles, necks, palms – the bits we sit on hurt the most!

No real stats for this day – all the electronic stuff failed

shes not pedalling comments – 2 new ones

no photos of scenery etc (some of our friends to follow) – no chance to take any

Finally after all this we would like to stress that we are ok, just a bit battle weary and no one should worry! Off to Lands End after breakfast 😀


The calm before the storm – Mark, Pat and Ryan came to wave us off at Camelford

Day 19 – UmberleighHills to Camelford

Tonight we are very tired so the blog will be short. Todays stats tell the tale

Miles cycled – 46.4

Metres climbed – 1341, that’s only 4 metres less than Ben Nevis

Time on the bike – 10 hours excluding breaks

Steepest gradient 25 percent, that’s a 1 in 4 in old money – incline and decline – we pushed both ways! She definitely wasn’t pedalling and wasn’t always pushing either.

Nicky’s rear end pain score –  9, Gary’s rear end pain score – 6 (Nicky questions this)!

Col’s cafe served pasties and Devon cream cake today

Rain – yes

Hail – yes

Gales – yes

Sun and blue skies – yes – it did it all, rain coats on, rain coats off, rain coats on … continue ad lib

Friends met – Mark, Pat and Ryan surprised us in Camelford it was lovely to see them for a few minutes, we look forwards to a better catch up tomorrow